Caitlyn Jenner: What Kendall & Kylie Think Of Her Name — Love It?

Kris Jenner is not very pleased with her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s decision to spend Father’s Day with Caitlyn Jenner.

While speaking with People, a source said that the 61-year-old “momager” is not pleased with what her two youngest daughters did. “It’s a very complicated situation for the girls. Kendall and Kylie just won’t speak with Kris about it. Caitlyn is their dad, but they also don’t want Kris to be upset so they just won’t talk about it,” the source said.


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Last month, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian-West told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that her mom and stepdad have stopped talking to each other after the latter released her memoir, “The Secrets of My Life.” Within the pages of the book, the Jenner patriarch shared some shocking details during the time she was still with her ex-wife. When asked if the former couple could still patch things up, Kardashian-West said that there’s only a two percent chance that they would want to talk to each other again.

Kardashian-West was quick to deny her stepdad’s allegations and said that there’s no truth to her claims. During a recent interview on “The View” (via E! News), the mom-of-two admitted that she also got upset when she read the memoir. “I definitely got upset about the memoir. In our family, we definitely are always so close and stick through everything. Everything is definitely going to be fine,” she said.

The wife of rapper Kanye West added that she felt there were some unfair portrayals of her mom by her stepdad in the book. However, the reality TV star also acknowledged the fact that the estranged couple could have different memories and versions of their former relationship.

Earlier this month, an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” featured Kardashian-West talking to her stepdad about the book. “My mom’s obviously upset about it. If those are your feelings those are your feelings, but mom feels a certain way about and she has the right, she said.

Caitlyn, who came out as transgender in 2015, replied, “Everybody has stuff in life that they have to deal with and this was my stuff and this is how I dealt with it.”

Kris Jenner Kris Jenner is still not speaking with Caitlyn Jenner, so she is not thrilled when Kendall and Kylie Jenner decided to spend Father’s Day with her. Pictured: Kris Jenner at the 24th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on May 5, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/Tommaso Boddi

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